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Time Management

Employees attendance is crucial and plays a vital role for any HR before processing payroll. HR needs to verify employees punches and apply various attendance and time policies based on multiple work shifts assigned to various set of employees to calculate OT, UT, Late coming and Biometric contributions. Enspire automates this complete process and provides real time sync with your Biometric devices.

Integrate any kind of Biometric/Fingerprint Device with Enspire

Enspire is capable of integrating any kind of Biometric/Fingerprint device and read data from Excel/MS Access/SQL server and so on. You can see real time sync between Biometric Device and Enspire.

Configure simple to complex time process and contribution rules

Using Enspire you can apply simple to complex time process rules from IT industry to Manufacturing organizations. You can deduct leaves, fixed amounts, deduction based on salary components, add leave quota for on time coming employees, give bonus for OT employees.

Enspire is one stop solution for all your requirements. Enspire is providing a global solution which suits for all the countries and all kinds of policies.

Define various shift patterns

Along with your company growth your employees will be working in different work shifts by following different shift patterns. With Enspire at employee level you can define work shifts and shift patterns.

Flexible Regular/Service Accruals

No manual intervention is required to add leave quota to employees on monthly/quarterly/yearly basis. Once you instruct Enspire with your accruals policies, Enspire will do this job for you. Completely hassle free solution.

Flexible Employee Punch Management and uploading attendance processed in third party software

In addition to Biometric device integration Enspire is providing a feature of manipulating punches where you can do all CRUD operations. If you are already processing employee attendance using different software’s and just need payroll processing, still you can use Enspire by uploading simple template. And you can also modify the uploaded attendance with ease.

On-duty requests and configurable approval process

Employees/Manager/HR can request for on-duty for which you can define various kinds of approval process. Employees and approvers will be notified for every action.