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Leave Management

Enspire has global Leave Management module which is compatible with different countries. Now with Enspire you can easily maintain multiple holiday/leave calendars, manage employee leave quota, automated year ending process, configurable encashment rules, automated accruals and more.

  • Publish Holiday/Leave Calendar
  • Configurable Leave Policies
  • Unlimited Leave Definitions/Timeoffs
  • Hassle Free Year Closure Process
  • Bulk leave booking/cancellation
  • Easy management of Employee Leave Quota
  • Leave Encashment
  • Group wise Leave Policy/Accrual Policy/Encashment Policy

Publish Holiday/Leave Calendar

Enspire is providing flexibility to create multiple holiday calendars and have various calendars to different Companies/ Locations/ Branches/ Employees. You can also define optional holidays. One more useful feature for HR is to change Holiday calendar for the new year for all employees at a time.

Do you have multiple companies located across the globe and following different Leave calendar years? No worries. Enspire has solution.

Configurable Leave Policies

  • Do you want to define minimum and maximum duration of a leave?
  • Do you need maximum number of days can be applied in a month?
  • Do you want your employees to apply for leave before taking the leave/after taking leave?
  • Do you want medical certificates for medical leave?
  • Do you need Casual leave can be combined with only Earned leave?
  • Only carry forward leaves can be encashable in your organization?
  • Is there a limitation to carry forward leaves to next year? Is there a limitation to allow employees to encash their earned leaves?
  • Do you have a sandwich policies to consider prior holiday/weekoff, post holiday/weekoff as leaves?
  • Unlimited Leave Definitions/Timeoffs

    Enspire allows you to define unlimited Leave Definitions/Timeoffs where you can define gender specific leaves, whether it is paid/unpaid leave? negative leave quota is allowed or not and calendar based or non-calendar based leave.

    Also there is a provision to enable Sandwich policies/Carry forward policies/Accruals

    Flexible Regular/Service Accruals

    No manual intervention is required to add leave quota to employees on monthly/quarterly/yearly basis. Once you instruct Enspire with your accruals policies, Enspire will do this job for you. Completely hassle free solution.

    Hassle Free Year Closure Process

    Say Bye to your excel to calculate leave balance of employees and applying company policies. Simply configure carry forward policies and complete year ending process with ease.

    Freedom to HR hectic work with bulk leave booking/cancellation

    One of the frequently used features by all HR’s is to book leaves/cancel leaves before running payroll. With Enspire bulk leave booking feature HR’s can save a lot of time and efforts.

    Easy management of Employee Leave Quota

    With Enspire you can individually manage employee wise leave quota and overwrite all kinds of leave policies to specific employee. Also you can do bulk upload of leave quota.

    Leave Encashment

    Enspire is providing per day leave encashment amounts based on employee salary components. You can also define a different workflow for leave encashment, assign various policies to various employee groups.

    Group wise Leave Policy/Accrual Policy/Encashment Policy

    One of the key challenges in any organization is to have various policies for various companies/locations/branches/departments/employee groups. Enspire made it easy for you. You can play with the policies assignment to employees.